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Residential And Commercial Contracting Services

New Construction

Whether it’s time to add a new location to your growing business or build a guest house for the in-laws, EnM can handle your construction needs. We work on residential and commercial new construction projects from site preparation to the finishing touches.


When moving somewhere new isn’t an option, remodeling breathes new life into an existing room, home, or building. Remodeling can be a useful and cost-effective way to optimize space in a commercial facility or turn a new house into the home of your dreams.


If you like where you are, but need more space, we can add rooms or floors to your home or building. This service is perfect for residential clients welcoming a new family member and for commercial clients whose business is growing but need all of their operations nearby.

Fit Outs

Sometimes a facility's interior is an integral part of that company’s brand or culture. Whether you need a bespoke interior for your office or retail store, we can build it to your exact specifications from a white box or shell construction building.


If you’ve got property and a vision, we’ve got the skills and the team to bring it to life. Our Design + Build service is perfect for residential clients who want to design their home or commercial clients with specific design requirements for a new location.


When you want a big change without undertaking major construction, renovate! Our team comprises professionals from all areas of the construction industry, so we can complete minor projects that make a major impact in your home or business.

Expert Craftsmanship

We’re proud to have a team of professionals, including masons, carpenters, and tile setters, in house, so we’re prepared for any project and can certify quality throughout.

Prompt & Punctual

We give each of our projects 100% focus and work until it’s finished. You won’t need to worry about dragged-out timelines and months of living or working in a construction zone.

Consistent Quality

In addition to the experience they build on with each project, our team is trained continuously to ensure we always deliver lasting quality for every project and every client.

What We Build Is Built To Last

From the work we do to the people who do it, every aspect of our company is based on a commitment to quality. Our process is designed to deliver the best results every time, no matter the scale of the project.

Keeping Up With EnM

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No Project Too Big Or Small

Whether you need a brand new commercial facility or want to add a room or two to your home, we have the tools and the team to get the job done.

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Why We’re Different

Flexible Scheduling

We work when you need us. Since we don’t have to outsource aspects of our projects to other companies, we can set our own schedule and timeline, so we can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Clear Pricing

One of the benefits of employing various professionals in-house, is that we can offer our clients a fair and accurate quote during their consultation, without having to factor in an outsourced company’s prices.

Consistent Communication

Our clients trust us because they know they won’t have to chase us down to get updates on their projects – we keep them informed of the status and let them know of any complications asap.

Reliable Dedication

Our seamless process is designed with our clients in mind. In addition to a completed project, we offer our clients less hassle, shorter timelines, and work you can depend on.