Building For Tomorrow, Today

We build things better, with expert craftsmanship that stands the test of time.


A Standard of Excellence

Diverse Experience

Our extensive background in construction is defined by diversity in our projects. From office renovations to brand new commercial facilities, we know we can succeed in any project, because we’ve done it many times before.

In-House Experts

We aren’t just a contracting company – we’re also expert carpenters, masons, tile setters, and more. A fully-staffed team means we can work quickly and offer direct pricing, without having to depend on another company’s schedule or rates.

Customer Service

Our clients know they can rely on us to get the work done well and finish projects on schedule. We pride ourselves on communication with our clients – we keep them informed of their project’s status at every step of the way.


Meet the team that will make the project of your dreams a reality.

Eli Greenberg


Eli’s passion for construction began at an early age and has been the driving force behind EnM since its inception. He started the company by doing a high volume of small projects and local renovations, developing a diverse range of industry experience that he continues to build on. Since then, the company has grown to include a team of professionals from all areas of construction, ensuring that every project EnM touches is a success.

Carlos Taures

Super Intendant

Jose Diaz


Santos Diaz

Master Carpenter

Shaya Brachfeld

Project Manager

Nosson Goldstein

Site Manager

Menachem Eckstein

Operations Manager